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Shivoham - Ashit Desai (Spiritual) Audio CD $16.99

Shivoham - Ashit Desai (Spiritual) Audio CD

Shivoham Music CD By?Ashit Desai

Soul stirring compositions depicting multifarious dimensions of Shiva

From time immemorial, Lord Shiva has captured the imagination of people in India and beyond. The very name of Shiva evokes love, respect, devotion and awe - all in the same breath.

Shiva has two aspects, the unmanifest and the manifest. The transcendental, eternal and infinite field of all energies (Shakti), as the source of creation, is the unmanifest Shiva.

The Shiva which is tranquil, unified and non-dual beyond the three realms is the ATMA, which must be known and experienced in our consciousness.

The manifest aspect of Lord Shiva is SHAMBHU, SHANKAR and MAHADEV as one of the lords of the TRINITY, who dissolves the precious state to enable the new creation of Brahma. He is the fountainhead of all esoteric knowledge of yoga, tantra and occult traditions. He is associated with the cosmic dance - TANDAV. Here are soul-stirring compositions set to vibrant music to praise multifarious dimensions of Shiva.

Tracks Listing

  1. Pratah Smaran
  2. Shiva Stuti
  3. Shiva Manas Puja
  4. Shivashtak
  5. Shiva Shadakshar Stotra
  6. Lingashtakam
  7. Shiva Panchakshar Stotra
  8. Rudrakshtak
  9. Shiva Tandav Stotra
Singers: Ashit Desai, Hema Desai, Alap Desai
Commentary: Harish Bhiman
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