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Sacred Chants of Shiva (Spiritual) Audio CD $19.99

Sacred Chants of Shiva (Spiritual) Audio CD

Sacred Chants of Shiva (From the Banks of Ganges) - Singers of the Art of Living

Sacred chants of Shiva leads to incredible meditative bliss. You don?t have to be religious to enjoy these Sanskrit chants.
-Cosmopolitan Magazine, India

This album transcends every barrier of land, religion, caste, and creed. It is divine, a torch bearer of Indian Vedic culture, our glorious past.
-Calcutta Times, India

Spiritual Music by Craig Pruess

These chants is an offering to those who look to the growing realm of silence,joy and peace within themselves.The power of these ancient sacred chants enhance any type of spiritual practices from deep relaxation to meditation to prayer.


1. Shiva Manas Puja
(A prayer for cutting attachments- this puja is an offering to Shiva, the embodiment of pure consciousness, knowledge, innocence and bliss. Suitable before or after the meditation.)

2. Bhavanyastakam
(A prayer to mother divine, - these sacred sanskrit songs, Astakams, by Sri Adi Shankara, were composed in high state of devotion and bliss and uplift the listener.)

3. Shivoham
( A timeless chant expressing the enlightening wisdom that Shiva is my innermost Self, that the soul is pure, free, ever present and fully realised in its very essence.)

4. Atmastakam
(Astakam, the individual sould is one with Shiva)

5. Lingashtakam
(Astakam chanted in yagnas, to the formless aspect of Shiva)

6. Om Namha Shivaya
(The universal sound of Siva)


"Sacred Chants of Shiva" was the first in a series of now globally known CDs, created by composer/musician Craig Pruess, as a direct result of the deep silence, joy and upliftment he felt from his experiences on courses offered by the International Art of Living Foundation, and also by his direct guidance and profound inspiration from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living, and one of the greatest and most illuminated spiritual masters of our present time.

During 1990's, Craig felt that there were few CDs in the market that genuinely induced a deep meditation state in the listener. As a serious student of Indian classical music, and practicing yogi himself, he naturally turned to the ancient Vedic tradition of India, the fountainhead of deep spiritual knowledge and awakening. Many of the ancient chants contained in this CD originated many thousands of years ago, when the sages of old understood the subtle workings of the mind and the innate power of sound and vibration.

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