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Vimukti (Liberation) - 2008 DVD (Award Winning Movie) $7.99

Vimukti (Liberation) - 2008 DVD (Award Winning Movie)

Movie : Vimukthi (Liberation)
Year : 2008
Banner : Navyachitra Creations
Cast : Bhavana, Ramakrishna, Hoda, Baby Sanya Iyer, Eknath Nagarkar, Venkata Rao
Music : Pravin Godkindi
Direction : P Seshadri
Producer : M/S Navyachitra Creations


  • National Film Award - Best Regional Film (2010)
  • IFFI, Goa (2009)
  • Habitat Film Festival, Delhi (2010)
  • Third Eye, Mumbai (2010)
  • Kolkota International Film Festival (2010)


Man-woman relationship is a very complex and subtle phenomenon. The mystery of this relationship has been the subject of contemplation for many great philosophers and literary giants like Sophocles, Aeschylus, Shakespeare and Kalidasa. But it has continued to defy the logic of philosophy, wisdom of spirituality and the inquisitiveness of psychoanalysis till today.

'Vimukti' is an attempt to examine this enigmatic Man-Woman relationship from a different perspective.

Madhavi is the only daughter of Keshava Rao, an exponent of the traditional Mysore paintings. Keshava Rao, Madhavi and her husband live together in the same house.

Denied of motherly love very early in life, Madhavi develops a strange obsessive feeling for her father during her formative years. Her unusual feelings, which should have subsided with time, remain dormant in her psyche. Well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud defines such a state of mind as Electra complex- a daughter's unresolved attraction towards her father.

This obsession has its problematic reflections in her married life. The arrival of Nava, a foreign girl, to learn painting from Keshava Rao creates even more problems. Madhavi's cluttered psyche drives her to weird imaginations about the relationship between her father and Nava, with attendant complications at home.

Disturbed by the turn of events, Keshava Rao leaves home for good without giving out any clue about his whereabouts. With the intervention of the family friend (a doctor), Madhavi manages to get over her Electra complex.

A few years later, she gets a hint that her father lives in distant Kashi and goes searching for him. In this process, she is exposed to the eerie life of Kashi, the mysterious happenings around, and the people longing for death in Mukthibhavan with the belief of attaining salvation. It opens her up to the understanding of her own little world better. What started off as a search for father ends up in her realization of the true meaning of life and living?

A background to`Vimukthi'

"You have to die here within 15 days; or else you have to quit the place!" This headline in a newspaper with reference to `Mukthibhavan' at Kashi (Varanasi) was at once arresting. The report went on with details?

Many orthodox Hindus believe that dying at this holy place and getting a cremation in the banks of the holy Ganges River, is a sure step to salvation- no further birth and rebirth. In pursuit of this, hundreds of people counting their last days are brought to this place every day. Mukthibhavan is a special place where such people are accommodated, free of charge, but with the above condition, as it has to cater to the needs of many in the queue. Those who do not die within the stipulated period return home with the sad feeling that they are not destined to attain salvation. The 12 rooms of Mukthibhavan have seen over 20,000 such people in the last five decades.

'Vimukthi' took shape on the basis of several thoughts that churned the mind after reading this report.

Desires and attachments are the root causes for the agonies of human life- both mental and physical.

All of us, in our own ways, seem to be perennially in search of freedom from these shackles. The characters of Vimukthi keep exploring the means of unshackling themselves from these Desires & attachments.

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  • All Regions
  • PAL
  • English Subtitles

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