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Tranquillity - A Musical Harmony by Abhijit Pohankar Audio CD $16.99

Tranquillity - A Musical Harmony by Abhijit Pohankar Audio CD

Tranquillity Music CD

A Musical Harmony

According to an eastern legend, God made a statue of clay in His own Image, and asked the soul to enter into it. But the soul refused to enter on the grounds that its nature was to fly about freely and not imprisonment in a body of clay. Then God asked the angels to play their music, and as the angels played, the soul was moved to ecstasy. Through that ecstasy, and in order to make the music clearer to itself, the soul voluntarily entered the body of clay. It is said the soul found a restful respite in the tranquility that comes from listening to music.

Our sense of and attraction to music shows that it lies in the very depths of our being. In the East, music has long been used to alter states of consciousness and heighten levels of spiritual awareness, in recognition of the fact that music connects us to our inner-most being, and in so doing, also connects us to the larger Truth.

This album aims to capture that harmony which comes with the mind and body being tuned to the music of the higher spheres, creating an intensely peaceful state that produces an easy sense of beauty and tranquility for the mind, body and soul.

Abhijit Pohankar

Born in 1975, Abhijit Pohankar is the son of the well-known classical vocalist Pandit Ajay Pohankar. Given his birth into a musical family, Abhijit Pohankar was exposed to the rigours of the Hindustani Classical tradition at a very early age onwards.

Abhijit Pohankar is unique in that he is the 'only' classical keyboard player on the concert circuit. His sound on the keyboard is akin to a mixture of the Santoor and Piano - a very distinct and unique sound to experience! In this he has been fortunate enough to learn from his guru, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Abhijit has not been overtly restrictive to classical musical alone. His repertoire also includes what may be broadly termed as fusion music.

  1. Mountain Magic: Raag Pahadi
  2. Joy: Raag Jhinjhoti
  3. Tanquillity: Raag Gorakh Kalyan
  4. Sweet Romance: Raag Bageshri
  5. Salutation: Raag Des
  6. Journey: Bhatyali
  7. Tender Emotions: Raag Kaunsi Kanada
  8. Mountain Magic: Raag Pahadi
Music: Abhijit Pohankar
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