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Snehanjali - 2007 $4.99

Snehanjali - 2007
Movie: Snehanjali
Year: 2007
Cast: Dhruv, Anju Varma, Ananthnag, Dr.Suresh Sharma, Mimicry Rajagopal
Music: Rajesh Ramanathan
Direction: Girish Kamplapura
Production: Ramesh H, Siddaraju R G


Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors. Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity? any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better. In the case of 'Snehanjali' the lead actor a dumb and deaf boy Dhruv in his debut has shown how creative he is and made the normal physically fit actors to be more attentive. Understanding his limits he has put in a great effort.

It is always said that what you really value is what you miss, not what you have. Understanding his inability Dhruv has been extra careful, devoted and hard working.

Director Girish Kamplapur and Siddaramu have worked out the different format for the usual run of the mill love story films. The screenplay is tight. The production values are too god. The selection of artists is apt. The cinematography and music is above average.

Prem (Dhruv) returns from abroad. His father (Ananthnag) and Preethi (Anju Verma) father (Dr.Suresh Sharma) are close friends. Both the fathers want to become relatives with the marriage of Prem and Preethi. This is what opposed. Prem and Preethi decide to be friends but their fathers are getting ready for the marriage. Prem and Preethi hatch a plot to separate the long time friends - the respective fathers. They succeed in doing so. The elderly friends turn foes. This is considered as a big victory by Prem and Preethi. They get to know each other as friends and in the process they fall in love. Now the young lovers want to readjust the friendship that they have broken. They try various measures. They run away from the respective homes. The foes have to become friends now. How the young love birds have the happy ending you have wait for a nail biting climax.

Dhruv is like any other normal actor. Dumb and deafness has not affected him. He has the extra edge of looking good compared to other half a dozen regular actors today. He is good in action scenes. Although he is the first person in the history of Indian cinema to play hero role the audience who watch his film feel completely at ease. Anju Verma is bubbly. She is like a sweet Kashimir apple. Ananthnag as usual overtakes everyone in the film. That is his inbuilt capacity. Dr.Suresh Sharma is exceptionally good in emotion scene where he address his wife Geetha photograph.

Cinematographer Vishnuvardhana capturing some of the lovely places in Karnataka gives a pleasant surprise. The technical part of the film is good. The editing of song shots is admirable. Three of this film's songs are sure to remain in the memory. The melody is given prominence here by senior music director Rajesh Ramanath.

This is a pleasant and neat film releasing on the occasion of Deepavali festival. A new light in the life of dumb and deaf actor Dhruv!

Scoring 7/10

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