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Rudram - Vedic Chants In Praise Of Lord Shiva (Spiritual) Audio $16.99

Rudram - Vedic Chants In Praise Of Lord Shiva (Spiritual) Audio

Rudram (Spiritual) Music CD

Vedic Chants In Praise Of Lord Shiva

Recitation of Rudram mantras is found in the fourth chapter of the seven known chapters of Yajur Veda. They are all in praise Of Lord Shiva and this sort of evocation to God is not found anywhere else in Vedas. The recitation of 'Chamakam' follows the rendering of Rudram. By reciting Chamakam one asks for boons from Lord Shiva who is expected to have been pleased already with the recitation of Rudram. Chamakam lists the things that are required for peaceful existence of Man (at all levels, physical, mental and spiritual). It is believed that a daily recitation of Rudram and Chamakam by a seeker is helpful in obtaining proper mental balance and equilibrium required for all the activities of Man and helps in optimizing whatever resources he has at his disposal?

The other recitations such as Purushasooktham, Narayanasooktham, Durgasooktham and Srisooktham are presented to balance the praises of both the female and male principles of Nature in this recording. These are parts of Tyrtriya Upanishads. Also Durga symbolises the female principle of Shakti in Nature. The principle of material, mental and spiritual wealth symbolized by Lakshmi, is praised in Srisooktham. Shanthi Panchakam is rendered to augur an auspicious ending to the Rudram recitation.?

Ghanam rendering reveals the technical supremacy of chanting of the Vedas. Also this style of chanting enhances the power of shlokas multifold. We have only given a sample of a powerful Ghanam rendering to get a closer experience about the greatness of various types of renderings presented by Vedic chants.?

A person who chants Ghanam is called a Ghanapati. This may be considered as an equivalent to a Ph.D. It requires rigorous discipline and concentration and only a knowledgeable Guru can impart this technique to his disciples. Here A. Ramani Sastrigal along with his disciples reveals his expertise in handling this difficult technique. These slokas are only a Sample presented in this album in order to appreciate and experience these wonderful gifts of ancient Rishis to mankind.?

Tracks Listing

  1. Dyana slokam - Rudram
  2. Chamakam
  3. Purusha Sooktam
  4. Sri Sooktam
  5. Shanti Panchtam
  6. Ghana Patam
Vocals: A. Ramani Sastrigal, Krishnamoorthy, Baskaran
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