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Pandu Ranga Vittala - 2005 $4.99

Pandu Ranga Vittala - 2005
Movie : Pandu Ranga Vittala
Cast : V. Ravichandran, Rambha, Prema, Shruthi, Ramesh Bhat
Year : 2005
Music - Lyrics : V. Ravichandran
Direction : Dinesh Baabu
Producer : A Ganesh, Narayan K
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Divya Jain
Thursday 11 January, 2007
"Pandu Ranga Vittala' is a avg film from the start and certainly not a good presentation to come in the end of the year

The film which should have been released an year ago is released as the last film of the last year without much fan fare. It is certainly a black mark to the Kannada film industry which is now on a shining path.

The film's quality is so bad that audience will keep wondering whether it is directed by Dinesh Babu whose name is normally associated with clean films. The songs of the film is picturised so badly that it makes it impossible for the family audience to enjoy the film. Despite a battery of some great talents associated in the film, "Pandu Ranga Vittala' falls badly in the eyes of the viewers. Surprising as the film's story is credited to Vijayendra Prasad who has written for many blockbusters in Telugu and Kannada.

Though the film was advertised as a full length comedy film and there is no logic in the film, it would be very difficult to digest the narration of the film which is full of sequences picturised in bad taste.Added to this negative aspect, the film is also weakened by some jarring music and cheap lyrics.

Established heroines like Prema and Rambha are made to expose and act in some sequences which are directed to titillate the audience.

"Pandu Ranga Vittala' is the story of a single person who is faking as three different persons. He is married to two wives who are extremely possessive about him. But he uses his intelligence to handle any troublesome situation. He has actually run from a village where his marriage was fixed with an innocent girl, since he does not approve of a forced marriage. The village girl comes with her grand mother in search of Vittala who was engaged to her.

But Vittala has married an Ayyangar girl Prema who was loving him, and has also married another girl Rambha with whom he is in love. He has a differentl identity as Pandu while he is with Rambha. He clearly manages to keep both his wives happy by sheer manipulation. The village girl also enters the scene. Some confusion is created in the earlier part of the film to suggest that three different persons-Pandu, Ranga and Vittla-are responsible for this confusion. But in the interval it is revealed that it is an act of one person. How the hero manages to convince his two wives and the village girl forms the rest of the story. Meanwhile, there are many characters in the film to add to this confusion.

Story writer Vijayendra Prasad has specialized in writing such stories in Telugu, but he has thoroughly failed to present a convincing plot in PRV.

There are six songs in the film which are shot by Ravichandran. He has composed music and has also credited with writing the lyrics. Some of the song lyrics are in bad taste and the sensuousness seen in Ravichandran directed songs is missing. May be because both Rambha and Prema look aged.

Ravichandran has a good comedy timing and comes out good in a few sequences. But he is handicapped by a poor script. Prema and Rambha have just filled in their spots and their skin shows. Avinash and Tara have done well in their roles and are able to get a few laughs. Doddanna, Mukhyamanthri Chandru are little better. It is sad to see a talented actress like Shruthi being wasted thoroughly in this film.

Director Dinesh Babu is known for creating some good comedy sequences in his films, but he has completely failed in this film.

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