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Maduve Maadu Tamashe Nodu - 1986 Video CD $4.99

Maduve Maadu Tamashe Nodu - 1986 Video CD
Movie : Madhuve Madu Thamashe Nodu
Cast : Vishnuvardhan, Aarati, Mahalakshmi, Dwarkish
Year : 1986
Music : Vijayaanand
Direction : S.A.Chandra
Producer : Dwarakish
Genre : Comedy
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Douglas DB
Thursday 15 May, 2014
Maduve Madu Tamashe Nodu

Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Arathi, Mahalakshmi, Jai Jagadish, Srinivasamurthy, C.R. Simha, Vajramuni, Sundar Raj,
Balakrishna, Sathish, Lokanath, Shivaram, Chethan Ramarao, Tometo Somu, Shani Mahadevappa,
Shankar Rao, Prasanna, Rajkishore, B.V. Murthy, Suryakumar, Leelavathi, Kanchana, Jayashree,
Uma Shivakumar, Shashikala, Bindu Ghosh, Rathnamala, Baby Lakshmi
Director: S.A. Chandra
Producer: Dwarkish
Music Dir: Vijaya Anand
Lyricist: Chi Udayashankar, R.N. Jayagopal
Singers: SPB, S Janaki, Manjula, K.J. Yesudas
Distributor: Moser Baer
Genre: Social, Drama

Ganesha (Vishnuvardhan) and his wife, Uma, have his unmarried sister, Gauri, living with them. They have a friend, Arun (aka. Raja), who has a young daughter (Baby Lakshmi), whom he has to look after alone, since his wife died. Sometimes, when she is unhappy and cries, the only person who can console her is Gauri. The girl’s grandmothers suggest that Arun should re-marry, and that he should marry Gauri. When this is suggested to Ganesha, he is infuriated. Raja is also angry when he finds out that Ganesha had been approached on his behalf, and says that he does not want to re-marry, as his dead wife will be with him for ever, even though he only has her photo. He goes to see and to apologise to Ganesha, but he tells Raja that he does not want to see him again, because Raja, a frequent visitor to Ganesha and Uma, has always regarded Gauri as a sister, and not only Gauri, but Ganesha’s wife, Uma. Ganesha says he is afraid that Raja will behave improperly with Uma. Ganesha goes to the marriage broker, who is in despair, as he has nine daughters, all needing to have husbands found for them – however he arranges for a groom for Gauri. The groom’s family come to meet Gauri, and like her. However, the future mother-in-law is a very unpleasant, domineering and demanding woman, and makes all sorts of demands in dowry, demands which Ganesha and Uma have the greatest difficulty in meeting.
The film shows how they try to find the money required – will the wedding take place?

1. Santhoshada Sangeethava
2. Naanu Neenu Ganda Hendthi
3. Maduve Hennige Sangaathi Gandige

Released Year: 1984
Running Time: 138 minutes/Colour/Hindi

This film came as a free subtitled DVD with another film (Ninagagi Kadiruve) which I purchased, on the Moser Baer label, a DVD firm that generally gets the best quality possible. Sadly, the film quality is poor, colour balance and exposure varying from scene to scene, with quite a lot of the scenes being much too light, or with an overall colour cast. It has the appearance of having been made from a poor quality original copy of the film. BUT please do not let this put you off watching this film. The film is available to purchase on its own, and I do not know whether y is a more recently made version of the DVD.

This is a film made against the dowry system, showing all the problems a poor family with a daughter has in raising the money demanded by a rich family in dowry. As Ganesha remarks at the end of the film, the dowry system is one which makes the poor families poorer and the rich families richer.

The film is well acted, both by the main characters, and the host of other characters with small roles, relatives and friends from near and far, who are important in the story, in the quest for the amount of money demanded as dowry. Then there are the groom’s friends who arrive with a list of unforeseen demands, and a thief on the run from the police, who hides among the wedding guests! Although a serious and difficult subject, the director has managed to keep the film in a fairly light-hearted vein, with the ever-hopeful Ganesha, and the loving support of his wife, Uma throughout! The only thing I found strange in the film was Ganesha’s reaction to the grandmother’s desire for Raja to marry Gauri. However, Raja and Gauri had previously had a conversation in which they each said they would help the other to get married, and it was obvious that there was no love between them, just friendship, like that of brother and sister, Indian style. Also his mother and mother-in-law called him Arun, and Ganesha called him Raja.

The songs are very melodious, with lovely lyrics. “ Santhoshada Sangeethava…” – “You brought the song of happiness through a moment’s smile” is a love-song with Ganesha and Uma. Not only are they showered with flower petals, but they throw “Frisbees”, and are then showered by Frisbees in many colours, thrown by goodness knows how many of the film-crew! “Naanu Neenu Ganda Hendthi” is a happy love-song with Gairi and Mohan. “Maduve Hennige Sangaathi Gandige” – “A groom is a companion to the bride…” is a song sung against a background of scenes from the film.

4 stars for the quality of story, acting and direction.

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