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Kundalini - The Awakening of Chakras (Spiritual) Audio CD $16.99

Kundalini - The Awakening of Chakras (Spiritual) Audio CD

Kundalini - The Awakening of Chakras
An album released by Times Music, January 2008, this one- hour voyage starts with Pranayama goes through the seven Chakras and ends with the Kundalini Avarohana (bringing down the awekened energy), and elucidates the powers and experiences of Jeevan Mukthi. Experience, Energize-Enjoy, The Eternal Fountain of Divinity.

Track Listing
1. Pranayam (Initiation - Colourful / Rainbow)
2. First Chakra (Moolaadhaara - Base / Root Chakra)
3. Second Chakra (Swaadhishthaana - Sacral Chakra)
4. Third Chakra (Manipoora - Navel Chakra)
5. Fourth Chakra (Anaahata - Heart Chakra)
6. Fith Chakra (Vishuddha - Throat Chakra)
7. Sixth Chakra (Agnya - Third Eye - Brow Chakra)
8. Sevnth Chakra (Sahasraara - Crown Chakra)
9. Anubhava (Experience - White / Gold)

Concept, research, text, music design, Voice : Uma Mohan
Music and voice arranged, recorded and mixed at Vistara Studio by Prithvi Chandrasekhar
Mastered at RAMS (Rhythms And Mystical Sounds) Chennai by Krupa Mohan
Mixed and mastered at Soundtech Media by Manoj Kumar
Produced for Times Music by Uma Mohan

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