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Gooli - 2008 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Gooli - 2008 DD 5.1 DVD

Gooli a different type of action film from Sudeep and a worth watch for Sudeep?s acting prowess and his fights in Gooli.

Movie : Gooli
Year : 2008
Cast : Sudeep, Mamatha Mohan Das, Kishore, Bhavya, Rekha V Kumar, Laxman, Sathyaraj, Rajashekhar, Yethiraj, Sathyaa
Music Director : Anoop Seelin
Lyrics : P. Satya
Director : P.Sathya
Producer : Ramu
Banner : Ramu Enterprises


Ghooli is an underworld Don, a Robin Hood-type who does many criminal activities for contract and uses the earning to help the poor. Unhappy with his selfless nature and resultant popularity, his adversaries try to eliminate him several times; predictably, the fail miserably each time, Gooli rises unscathed and displays his benevolent face repeatedly. Ramya (Mamtha Mohan Das), a rich college girl is inspired by his selfless and helpful nature. After several interactions, she falls in love with him and decides to marry him. But Ghuli, who lives on the threshold of danger, tries to warn her of the risks involved. Sensing that Ramya is a vulnerable target through whom Gooli can be attacked, the villains kidnap her; predictably, Gooli saves her, expresses his love for her and they decide to marry; after an unexpected turn of events.

Gooli is a must see film for sudeep fans.

DVD Features:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced (16:9) DVD
  • English Subtitles
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • DVD Text
  • Jacket Picture
  • NTSC All regions
  • Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access

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Douglas DB
Tuesday 25 September, 2012
Gooli (Sudeep) is referred to as ?The King of the Underworld? in Bangalore. He is an orphan. He commits many criminal acts, on contract. He and his gang are chasing another ?Rowdy? to kill him, when he meets Ramya (Mamtha Mohan Das), for the first time. She has gone to the park with her girlfriend, who is meeting her boyfriend ? she goes off when she sees him, leaving Ramya alone. Ramya sees all the courting-couples, and turns round to grab her friend, but it is Gooli who is now behind her. She apologises and he tells her that women should be respected, and he does not try to take advantage of her - rather he complains about her T-shirt showing a bare midriff, and tells her that she is just asking for trouble dressed like that, and she should dress modestly. Her friend returns, and Ramya tells her what happened ? she says she was annoyed, but that Gooli was correct in what he said.
The second time they meet is in a shopping mall. He is on the ground floor, and a young child drops a teddy bear from a high balcony. He goes rushing up as he thinks the child is in danger of falling. However, Ramya, who was shopping on the same floor sees the child and goes to prevent him falling. Gooli arrives and gives her another row, telling her she should look after her child properly, not realising that it is not her child ? after he has gone, the child?s mother arrives.
The third time they meat is at a roadside tea-stall. She is passing on a motorbike with her girlfriend, when she sees him, and stops to explain that it was not her child in the mall. However, some rowdies arrive, trying to kill Gooli, and he grabs Ramya and pulls her to the ground, to avoid a knife which had been thrown at him, and which would have killed Ramya too if he had not saved her.
The fourth time they meet is when her girlfriend is about to get engaged. Gooli arrives and stops the engagement, as the would-be fianc? had dumped his previous girlfriend, after promising to marry her ? and saves Ramya?s friend from the possibility of a similar fate.
In a scene that Ramya did not witness, another Rowdy was trying to misappropriate land from a woman who was the rightful owner, and Gooli arrives on the scene. The rowdy and his gang attack Gooli, but he kills them all.
Two other gangsters, Fayaz and Matti Seena, bring in a gang from Bihar to kill Gooli, but he kills them all too.
Despite her friend?s warnings that he is a cruel man, .Ramya says she will reform him. She has fallen in love with Gooli, and has decided she will marry him. When she tells him this, he tells her that it is completely impossible, because of their different life-styles. Then she is captured by Rowdies, and Gooli rescues and saves her. She persists in her quest, and he gradually becomes attracted to her and falls in love with her. But can their love survive? This is the story of the first 101 minutes of the film. The remaining 39 minutes gives the answers.

1. Gooli eevanthu chindi thane
2. Sum summane yako
3. Deal ge deal mathadidre
4. Kaddu kaddu
5. Jeevana hudukutha

Released Year: 2008
Running Time: 139 minutes/colour/Kannada


There are many films about girls who marry ?baddies?, with the idea that they can reform them. What seems to appeal to the girl is the idea that a ?tough guy? will protect her. But it des not seem to work that way in real life, so often the ?baddie? turns against the girl, and it is a mistake to think that you can marry someone and change them. However, this film is very different. Ramya believes that Gooli is really kind at heart. I watched this film four times, and failed to see what evidence she had for this belief, and I have narrated the incidents between them. Sudeep is marvellous in the role of Gooli ? he plays a man who is affected by being loved, and his character gradually change in response to that love ? he is a very versatile actor. The songs are lovely, lyrics, music and picturisation. I have seen over 80 Kannada films so far, and of all the songs I have seen and heard, ?Sum summane yako? is my favourite.

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