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Duniya - 2006 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Duniya - 2006 DD 5.1 DVD
Movie : Duniya
Year : 2006
Cast : Vijay, Rashmi, Rangayana Raghu
Music : V. Manohar
Lyrics : V. Manohar, V. Nagendra Prasad, Ranganath, Yogaraj Bhatt
Direction : Soori
Producer : TP Siddaraju, AT Lokesh

DVD Info
DVD 9-English Subtitles-NTSC All Regions-5.1 Dolby Digital-Anamorphic Wide Screen DVD

Duniya' strikes you with the raw and stark authenticity of its presentation from start to finish. This believable film made by a team of youngsters had become a talking point in the industry as soon as its trailers were flashed in the channels. For director Soori it was the first venture in direction. Vijay who was doing some small roles in films was offered the hero's role for the first time and for the film's heroine Rashmi who had no previous experience in the performing. And for Sathya Hegde, the ad cinematographer of the corporate world, it was a great opportunity for to shoot the stark and stupid world of underworld dons, drunkards, pimps and exploiters. There is not even one sequence in the film which looks far fetched except for one dream song which might have been included for the commercial compulsions.

The film trailers looked different which gave an impression that the film would not be a stereotyped run of the mill venture. And the film's director Soori had already made a mark as a dialogue writer with a difference through his work in films like "Mani', "Ranga S.S.L.C.'. Soori who was looked as a youngster with a bright future does not disappoint such expectations and perceptions. He makes a film with a difference and certainly "Duniya' is one good film that can be remembered for its brilliant presentation of an alien world of the ever struggling people living in slums. It tells the story of the people who live in extremely difficult environs, which are exploited by the cruel society, whose aspiration levels are lowest but still they find it difficult to get a fair deal for their lives.

Duniya also tells the story of the mean and crude Bangalore underworld where the fittest will survive with their money and muzzle power. Soori has relied more on the reality and has taken his camera to depleted and exhausted structures. Soori has used his talents as a writer of brilliance to bring about the world of dark shades. His dialogues add the needed punch to the film's presentation.

The protagonist of the film is Shivalingu, an uneducated but innocent person who can not count more than twelve. He comes from a village to the city after burying his dead mother in search of a living. In a quirk of circumstances Shivu has to save Poorni, a college going girl who is taking refuge in a hostel. The couple is trapped by the police as they are in the company of some dadas. Then Poorni is shunted out from her Ashram and has no other go than to be with Shivu. Shivu becomes a pawn in the hands of some local thugs who use him for their work. But his innocence and honest traps Poorni who wants to reform him. Poorni starts loving Shivu, but he does not have any feelings towards her. Shivu becomes a victim of the gang wars and his name is associated with two murders that he had not committed. The police hunt makes his life extremely miserable. Then Poorni decides it is better to end life with Shivu than making him the target of Police.

Vijay and Rashmi have given the best in their roles of Shivu and Poorni. Vijay scores points even in his fights. Rashmi can be banked as a good performer. Then there are the veterans like Rangayana Raghu and Kishor who steal the show. Most of the other characters have been handled by freshers with much aplomb. Particularly the artists who have performed in the roles of Loose Mada, Petrol and Doopa.

As earlier said Sathya Hegde is the sole of the film, while Sadhu Kokila has delivered the best music of his career for this film. Even the editing is sharp and racy.

"Duniya' is a film that should not be missed as it is a top class presentation. It is strongly recommended for film buffs who want to see different type of films.

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Douglas DB
Tuesday 30 October, 2012

This film is about the underworld in Bangalore. Shivalingu, or Shivu for short (Vijay) is an uneducated na?ve youth who can only count up to twelve. He works as a stone-breaker in a quarry. Following the death of his mother, he comes to the city to earn more money. On the way, he rescues Purnima, or Purni for short (Rashmi in her first film), a college student, who has been abducted, the previous night, by the drivers of a truck, so that they could rape her. He takes her back to the orphanage where she live. The matron of the orphanage does not believe that she was abducted, and accuses her of eloping, and will not take her back. She blames Shivu and tells him to go away. He meets Satyanna (Rangayana Raghu), an always pleasantly drunk comedy villain, who takes Shivu under his wing, helps him find Purni, when Shivu suddenly remembers him that night ? on the way meeting a number of footpath dwellers, breaking off for the lovely song, "Saala maadiya...", which is full of vitality, with the line "It is fun to laugh and to make people laugh". Purni goes for her exam, but is not allowed to write it, as the Orphanage has not paid her exam fees, Rs. 3000. Shivu earns money by beating up people, and he tells her that he will earn the money to pay for her exam, and for her studies. She looks at him, with the beginnings of love in her eyes. Satyanna tells Shivu to bring Purni to the pub, and makes her a place to study. She is anxious, but Shivu tries to reassure her ? "they are all good people," he says. However, the truth is that they are all criminals. He earns money to pay for her exam fees, and for her studies, by beating people up. Satyanna gives them a place to shelter, a derelict bus, with no windows. Purni makes curtains for the windows, and somehow makes it into a home! He meets a whole series of criminals, and the dreaded ACP Uday Kumar (Kishore, a former college lecturer and part-time fashion designer), who is an encounter specialist, who gives "beginners" in crime a chance to reform. But as time progresses and Shivu is drawn more into the crime world, is there any chance that they will survive ? he is determined to look after Purni, and she gradually falls in love with him. Watch the film to find the answer.


1. Ee Paapi Janara Haalu
2. Saala Maadiyaadru Tuppa
3. Nodayya Kwate Lingave
4. Preethi Maaye Hushaaru
5. Ee Paapi Duniya Preethi
6. Kariya I Love You

Released Year: 2006
Running Time: 128 minutes/Colour/Kannada


This is a very interesting, and very well-made film, made by a team of youngsters, with a first-time director, It?s a "reality" film. Soori: Vijay in his first starring role: Rashmi in her first film: Kishore, a former college lecturer and part-time fashion designer: and last but not least Rangayana Raghu in the role of a comedy villain. The story sounds stark, and yet the film is totally believable. It shows how Shivu is drawn into a world of crime by necessity for himself, and to support Purni, for whom he feels responsible. Probably the brightest parts of the film are the songs "Saala maadiya" which shows the footpath dwellers, and "Kariya I Love You". However, the characters are shown with a certain dignity, and the film shows how an innocent lad, Shivu is drawn inexorably into a world of crime. It is a film which you may love or hate, but a film which merits your attention, and a film you will remember. It is a film which I really enjoyed.

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