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Vamshi - 2008 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Vamshi - 2008 DD 5.1 DVD
Movie : Vamshi
Year : 2008
Cast : Puneeth Rajkumar, Nikitha Thukral, Lakshmi, Ravi Kale, Komal Kumar, Vishwanath, Rajendra Karanth
Music : RP Patnaik
Lyrics : V. Nagendra Prasad, Ram Narayan, Jayanth Kaikini
Direction : Prakash
Producer : Smt. Parvathamma Rajkumar
Release Date : October 03, 2008
Certification : U
Genre : Romance / Action Drama

DVD Features:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced (16:9) DVD
  • English Subtitles
  • Dolby? Digital 5.1 Surround
  • DVD Text
  • Jacket Picture
  • NTSC - All Regions
  • Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access


Vamshi's (Puneet Rajkumar's) life revolves around his mother; his only dream in life is to become a cop. Working hard for his dream, he gets selected and appears for the final interview. But there is one black mark that stops the interviewers from awarding him the job. Vamshi is the son of a gangster. Losing control because his dream-job will not be given to him, Vamsi attacks the interviewers and he is thrown out, declared unfit for the job. Now, this bitter truth about his father that his mother has been hiding for a long time spreads everywhere but his love Sharada is not worried by it; rather, she stands by him steadfastly. A gang leader (who was his father's rival) takes this as an opportune time and attacks Sharada, who is severely injured.

Vamshi, who has a bad temper, resorts to weapons and retaliates furiously, much against the wishes of his mother. After the attack, police apprehend Vamshi and he is put behind bars. A local MLA arrives on the scene as his saviour and gets him released on bail. As the fight between the rival gang and Vamshi grows, the relationship between the son and the mother suffers deeply. By then the police are on the lookout for Vamshi, who has become the new underworld don and issues a shoot-at-sight order against him. But once Vamshi comes to know about the sufferings of his mother in the past, he decides to surrender to the police. The film has a little twist in the end when the mother mixes poison in his food.

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Douglas DB
Tuesday 30 October, 2012

Vamshi (Puneet Rajkumar) lives for his mother (Lakshmi), and for his only aim in life, to become a cop. His one failing is his anger, which will flare up suddenly, out of control, and his anger often lands him in trouble. He is a trainee at the Police Academy, and the best trainee in his group. One day, he is waiting at a bus-stop with Police Officers, who are trying to catch a top rowdy, and a girl is teased at the bus-stop, a friend of Sharda (Nikita) who is passing. She thinks Vamshi was responsible, and goes and accuses him, and is angry with him, and he eventually slaps her face. Then he has to run off in pursuit of the rowdy. He comes back to the bus-stop, and slaps the eve-teaser. By this time, Sharda has discovered her mistake, and tries to apologise to Vamshi, but he leaves the scene on a motorbike.

Sharda keeps following Vamshi around to try to apologise to him, aided by his fellow-trainees who try to help her. Eventually Vamshi receives a set of photos of himself which she has taken. He goes to where she lives in anger, where he is well received by her grandparents, with whom she lives. She tells him that she is from Bangalore, and studying B.A., and that he is the sort of boy she would like to marry, and so she is in love with him. They then go to the cinema, and then follows the love song \"Aavalu aavalu\". Her father says she cannot marry him. Then one day, the couple arrive at her parents house, garlanded, with a group of friends and his fellow-trainees. Her father is furious, thinking they are married ? but Vamshi tells him that they are not married, and will only marry if he gives parental consent. He has an interview, for a posting to Bangalore, and Sharda says she will pass her exams, and she will come to Banaglore and they will get married.

Vamshi goes for his interview, but is incited to anger by the corrupt DCP Reddy, because his father was Kothnal, or K.R., a rowdy who was recently murdered by the other group led by Jaichandra. Vamshi then attacks DCP Reddy, and Vamshi is not selected: they say he is not fit to be a Police Officer, because who his father was, because of his anger, and also the link of police and politicians with the rowdy, Jaichandra.

This bitter truth about who his father was, that his mother has been hiding for a long time spreads everywhere but Sharda is not worried by it; rather, she stands by him steadfastly. She tells him she fell in love with Vamshi, not \"Vamshi policeman\", or \"Vamshi rowdy\". K.R.?s men want Vamshi to become their leader, which he agrees to become. Then Jaichandra attacks Sharda, who is severely injured. Vamshi decides to retaliate, much against his mother?s wishes: he is helped by a corrupt MLA. Eventually, Vamshi?s mother reveals the truth to her son. She did not marry his father, K.R. She had slapped him for teasing her friend, as a result of which he kidnapped and raped her. Vamshi surrenders to the Police, and after a term in jail, he is received by his mother and by Sharda. He becomes a teacher, and they all live happily together.


1. Bhuvanam sharanam
2. Aavalu aavalu (Bern, Glacier, Gruy?res)
3. Jothe jotheyali (Ouchy, Lausanne, Gen?ve 11 multiview picture)
4. Yenaitho yenaitho
5. Mayagaathi
6. Thaayi thaayi

Released Year: 2008
Running Time: 139 minutes/Colour/Kannada

This is a well-made, but very violent film. My favourite songs are \"Aavalu aavalu\" and \"Jothe jotheyali\", both of which are recorded in parts of Switzerland which I know well. The latter song uses split scene sequences, with eleven windows in which action takes place: it?s really quite ingenious. It shows a corrupt Police Officer and a corrupt Politician all working together with rowdies, and a would-be Police Officer who wants to tackle such criminals, but who is prevented from doing so by them. He is supported by the love of two good women, his mother, and his girl-friend. The ending is different from what we would expect, but nonetheless satisfactory.

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