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Vajrakaya - 2015 DD 5.1 DVD

Vajrakaya - 2015 DD 5.1 DVD

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Date Added: Monday 07 March, 2016

by Douglas DB

Vajrakaya Kannada


Viraj (Shiva Rajkumar), a happy-go-lucky orphan. He lives with Avinash (Avinash) and his mother (Padmaja Rao), and with his younger brother, Bharat, and his sister. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he sees, a friend of the his brother’s girl-friend. She is Geetha (Shubra Aiyappa). His father is delighted because she is the daughter of his father’s friend and business partner, Mr. Rao, and is coming to their wedding anniversary party. Father says he will arrange Viraj’s marriage with Geetha. Unfortunately, however, Viraj’s love is rejected when the girl’s parents get to know he is an orphan. His father collapses with the stress, and is taken to hospital, where he reveals who Viraj’s parents were. His real father, Veera Prathapa Simha (Suman) was a very good man, who did good for everyone.

Jungle Kanive was a terrible place, ruled by Huzur (**************), a stone-hearted patriarch, a cruel and evil man. The main business was dealing with illegal weapons. Huzur’s daughter, Lakshmi (Jayasudha) fell in love with Veera Prathapa Simha, and confessed that love to him, and he married her. Three years later Huzur found them, and commanded his slaves, one of whom was Avinash, to take Veera Prathapa Simha and their baby away and kill them. Avinash took pity on the baby, and tried unsuccessfully to stop the other slave from killing VPS. The other slave tripped and fell, fatally injuring himself, and VPS, as he lay dying, asked Avinash to take the baby away, and look after him. This was how Viraj came to be adopted. Avinash tells Viraj that his mother and grandfather are still alive, and that he has a family.
Thus begins the real story of the search for his mother. Viraj then sets out to meet his real family. On the way, he meets a press photographer, who goes off leaving behind his camera, with the Press Photographer label, which Viraj takes. He rescues a girl (Karunya Ram) who has been kidnapped by Shaitan to be sold. Shaitan is in league with Huzur, and Viraj and the girl are taken, in safety, because they think he is a Press Photographer, by Huzur’s son (Ravi Kale), to Jungle Kanive, where he meets Huzur, who is his grandfather, and also his mother, Lakshmi. His demon of a grandfather and the legion of his slaves have to be tamed. But this will not be easy. Will he succeed. Comedy is provided by a film-maker (Sadhu Kokila) and Huzur’s grand-daughter, “Pathaka” (Nabha Natesh) romances him.

Released Year: 2015
Running Time: 145 minutes/Colour/Kannada


It is often said recently of Indian films, that they have become too westernised. That is not true of this film, a typical Indian story, such as we used to see a few years ago. Shiva Rajkumar is in his element as action hero, but with kindness in his heart. The entire cast is excellent, the film is well made. One of the heroines I would single out is Karunya Ram, the girl Viraj recues – she has the loveliest eyes, which are filled with kindness. The songs are good, lyrics and music, and I would recommend this film.

5 stars

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

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