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Saakshi - Novel - SL Bhyrappa Book $24.99

Saakshi - Novel - SL Bhyrappa Book

Saakshi Kannada Novel by SL Bhyrappa Book

Sakshi - Overcome by the abiding guilt of having perjured himself in a murder trial, a village elder commits suicide. Yama, the god of death and righteousness, commands him to return to earth in spiritual form to witness but not to intervene in the subsequent events. The village elder observes the other characters as they are confronted by difficult decisions and revelations which cause them look inward and attempt an appraisal of their lives and values; Savitri, who realises the truth behind her mother's suicide, greedy Nagappa, idealistic Satyappa and above all the arrogant, selfish and lustful Manjaiah. The Witness uses ancient myths, and philosophical and Gandhian concepts to discuss the meaning of truth and its distortions through greed, sexuality and desire. The focus is on what it means to be a witness, in a courtroom, before the gods, to the lives of others, or finally, to one' self

Santeshivara Lingannaiah Bhyrappa (born July 26, 1934), is a Kannada novelist, whose works are immensely popular both within and beyond Karnataka. SL Bhyrappa is widely regarded as one of India's foremost modern-day writers. His novels are unique in terms of theme, structure, and characterization. He has been among the top selling authors of Kannada, Hindi and Marathi for the past several years. Most of his works reveal the theme of Advaita vedanta and search of truth. Although S. L. Bhyrappa participated in the freedom struggle of Indian Independence at an early age, he believes that Indian Independence was just a political freedom from British rule, and the real Independence is the intellectual freedom which is nurtured by the strong foundations laid in the teachings of rich Indian culture and values.

S.L. Bhyrappa's works do not fit into any specific genre of contemporary Kannada literature such as Navodaya, Navya, Bandaya, or Dalita partly because of the range of topics they deal with. His major works have been the centre of several heated public debates and controversies.

SL Bhyrappa has received all State Awards, and some of the National Awards for his works. Three of his novels made into successful films have received National Awards.

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