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Prem Kahani - 2009 Audio CD $14.99

Prem Kahani - 2009 Audio CD
Movie : Prem Kahaani
Year : 2009
Cast : Ajay Rao, Sheela
Music : Ilaiyaraja
Lyrics : V. Nagendra Prasad, Kaviraj, K. Kalyan
Direction : R Chandru
Producer : KM Vishwanath, G Ravikumar


1. 'Giliya Mariyondu'(Raja) and 'Nanavale'(Rahul Nambiyar): Typical Raja pathos songs. The use of violins, flute and tabla, the choice of the raga, and the way the tune flows, reminds you of many Raja songs of the past. As I said in an earlier post, Raja fans would like it but whether it will capture the imagination of a larger public is open to question. 'Giliya Mariyondu' reminds me of a song in the Telugu movie called 'Sunny'. I think that song was sung by Karthik. Rahul Nambiyar does a good job of 'Nanavale'. I do wish Raja would give some more songs on the lines of "Chirugali' (Mallepoovu) for situations like these. I like both the songs, especially 'Nanavale'.?

2. Yaarivanu (Bela) and Yaarivalu (Sriram): The same tune sung in female and male voice but the instrumentation is different. The female solo is more melodious while the male one is more vigorous.?
The female solo has the synth 'tsk tsk' beat (as app_eng called it). If you don't mind this beat, then you will enjoy the bass work in this song. The tune is lovely and instead of the drum beat listen to the bass.?
The male solo, as I told, is more vigorous. I like the way Sriram ends the pallavi, sort of 'what can I do' feel. Very casual and nice. The beat is different and the bass follows the whole song. It is great to see how the same tune is used to convey different emotions. The female very seriously in love and the male totally confused about his emotions. Excellently done.?

3. Hodedavane (Tippu and Rahul): The stunner in this album. When I read in the review it was a song about the hero, I expected something on the lines of the hero song of 'Nanavanu' but I was pleasantly surprised. The song is so un-Raja like. Lots of energy in this song.?

4. Rangu Rangu (Raja and Shreya): Lovely violins start the song with the bass following closely. Tune almost starts like a marching beat. The chorus adds to this march effect. The violins take over in the first interlude before the bass joins in again. The charanams are extremely melodious again the bass contributing beautifully. Shreya is in great form. Wonderful second interlude makes this an excellent song.?

5. Kogile Koogu Ba (Bela): Initial humming is followed by the drums and bass. The bass line is lovely in the pallavi and follows the synth in the interlude. Excellent tune. My feeling is that the director would have wanted a song similar to 'Haadu Kogile' of NMH. The charanams are melodious and Bela does a nice job. The charanam seems to end with a scale change.

6. Badavara Manage (Sadhna Sargam): Again the bass does a lovely job in the Pallavi. Looks like a 'Laali' song and the evokes the necessary peace. The pace is perfectly right for these types of songs.?

7. Sringara (Shreya): Starts with the keyboard with bass providing support. Shreya starts wonderfully and there is a 'thullal' in her voice. She perfects captures the mood of someone who is excited. The bass lines are lovely. The first interlude has the keyboard starting off with some lovely bass work. The charanams are mesmerising. Very well done by Shreya. When he gives her songs like this, no wonder she worships him?

Overall an excellent album. I am loving it. Especially the fact that almost all songs have nice bass going on.
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