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Paramathma - 2011 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Paramathma - 2011 DD 5.1 DVD

Movie : Paramathma
Year : 2011
Banner : Jayanna Combines
Cast : Puneet Rajkumar, Deepa Sannidhi, Aindrita Ray, Anant Nag, Ramya Barna, Rangayana Raghu, Raju Thalikote, Avinash
Music : V. Harikrishna
Lyrics : Yogaraj Bhat, Jayanth Kaikini
Direction : Yogaraj Bhat
Producer : Jayanna & Bhogendra
Released On : 6 October 2011
Genre : Drama


Yogaraj Bhat`s Paramaatma is a classic film made on the lines of some good Hollywood films with lots of comedy and a little bit of mystery thrown in.

Param`s father is a retired cardiologist who is helping children. Param takes up many jobs including that of a share broker in Mumbai to Kung Fu expert, but finds little peace. He joins college where he has a group of friends who enjoy being unsuccessful in exams.

Saanvi, one of his friends in the group, has a crush on Param who does not reciprocate the feelings. Meanwhile, Param meets Deepa in a theatre and instantly falls for her. He follows her to her native place, Theerthahalli.

At a time when everything is going for Param, he finds that Deepa has rejected his marriage proposal. The twist in the climax is sure to shake the audience from their seats.

DVD Features:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced (16:9) DVD
  • English Subtitles
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • DVD Text
  • Jacket Picture
  • NTSC - All Regions
  • Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access
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Douglas DB
Tuesday 22 January, 2013
Cast and Crew

Starring: Puneet Rajkumar, Deepa Sannidhi, Aindrita Ray, Anant Nag, Ramya Barna, Rangayana Raghu,
Raju Thalikote, Avinash
Director: Yogaraj Bhat
Producer: Jayanna, Bhogendra
Music Dir: V. Harikrishna
Lyricist: Yogaraj Bhat, Jayanth Kaikini
Singers: Tippu, Sonu Nigam, Vani Harikrishna, Shreya Goshal
Distributor: Jhankar Music
Genre: Drama


The story of this film is told in flashback by Param (Puneeth Rajkumar). Saanvi (Aindrita Ray), one of his friends whom he has not seen for two years, wants to hear his love story. Saanvi has been in love with Param for many years, but he has never reciprocated her love, he merely looks on her as a friend. He joined college where he has a group of friends (including Saanvi) who enjoyed being unsuccessful in exams. He also failed the M.Sc. exam, in 2002. Param went to climb in the Himalayas that same year, then he became a share-broker in Mumbai. Then he built a Wind-Farm in Hiriyur in Karnataka in 2004, then he made a lot of money when he became a carpenter, then he went to China in 2005 to learn Kung Fu, and came back to India, where he made money by betting on fights that he subsequently won ? his best fight was in Bangalore in 2007. Whatever he did earned him a lot of money ? the money just poured in! He then wondered whether to trust money or God, and went to a Monastery in Rudraprayag, in Northern India, in 2008. Then in 2009 he came back to re-sit his M.Sc. Exam. His father Jayant (Anant Nag), a retired cardiologist who is now spending his time helping children in the neighbourhood, tells him that his name, Paramaathma, means the ?Supreme Soul?. Previously Saanvi had told him that it meant a man with a good heart. However, his father tells him that the Supreme Soul tells you what is right, and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad (we would probably define this as our conscience) ? but it also tells you to do this and don?t do that.
In 2009, Param goes to sit his exam, with a group of college friends, and there he meets Pavithra (Ramya Barna), who had been his fellow student, who had passed he exams with flying colours, and become a lecturer. Pavithra, like Saanvi, was also in love with Param. It is at this point in Param?s story that Saanvi confesses her deep love for Param to him.
The group decide to go the cinema, but Param, like many others, is bored by the film. They decide to leave, but Param decides that he will fall asleep through it. After a short time, there is an announcement that a bomb had been planted in the theatre, and everyone is asked not to panic, but to leave peacefully. However, Saanvi notices that Param has not come out, and she rings his mobile phone. He wakes up in his seat, and gets up to leave when she tells him about the bomb. However, someone else has fallen asleep, a girl. Param wakens her, and she gets up to leave, but twists her ankle and cannot walk. So Param carries her out in his arms. The Media are there, they film this rescue, and exaggerate everything, asking if they are lovers, and saying that people are wanting to make a film about them. The girl is Deepa (Deepa Sannidhi), an engineering student, who can play seven different musical instruments. She is the daughter of the wealthy Srinivasa Rao (Avinash), who is outraged by the publicity his daughter is receiving. The bomb-scare had been a hoax.
Jayant is also disturbed by all the publicity, and says that they must go to see Deepa and her father, who tells them that he is angry because his daughter?s honour has been compromised by being carried by Param. Deepa is also angry. Later Saanvi appears with the neighbourhood children at Param?s house, and she insists on being carried upstairs like he carried Deepa out of the cinema. Then it is revealed she did this to win a bet with her friends!
Param, who has fallen in love with Deepa, goes to hear her playing the seven musical instruments at a concert. But the media are there, and Deepa and her father are both annoyed by all the attention she is receiving. Her father decides he will send her back to where the family (a royal family from Chandravamsa) is from, to her grandfather, Appaiah?s (Dattanna Raju Talikoti) palace, in Theerthahalli. Param decides to follow her. On the way he meets Deepa?s uncle, Annayya (Rangayana Raghu), who plays a crazy comedy role, as an antique seller selling wooden pillars, and with a girl-friend, Janet, who is white, with long blonde hair, whom he describes as ?the moon in shorts?. But it seems that Annayya is not the only crazy one in the family. The rest of the film is about whether Param is successful in getting the love of Deepa.

1. College Gatally (Chombeshwara)
2. Yenu Madadu
3. Hesaru Poorthi
4. Paravashanaadenu
5. Kathlalli Karadige

Released Year: 2011
Running Time: 128 minutes/Colour/Kannada


The story of this film is told in a strange way, in flashback, by Param, to Saanvi, who is included in the flashback story. When Param was at college, two girls were in love with him ? Saanvi, who told him and showed him repeatedly that she loved him, and Pavithra, now a college lecturer, who had not shown her love for Param. The group of friends go to the cinema. Param falls asleep. There is a bomb-scare, everyone else leaves the cinema, except Param, who is asleep. Saanvi phones Param to waken him and tell him. He gets up to leave, sees a girl who has also fallen asleep, and tells her about the bomb. She gets up to leave too, but twists her ankle, and cannot walk. Param carries her out to save her life. In the western world, he would have been hailed as a hero, and the girl, Deepa, and her family would have been grateful ? even though the bomb-scare was a hoax. However, the girl and her father are angry (more so because of the publicity given to the incident by the Media), because Param had compromised the girl?s honour by carrying her. I have discussed this with several Indian friends in England, who know present day India ? they tell me that the attitude of the girl and her father would be gratitude, rather then anger. But it is anger in the film, and that?s what makes the film so entertaining!

The girl is sent back to stay with her grandfather in the country, with Param in hot pursuit, and many comic (and some not so comic) adventures on the way. There are things you don?t understand along this way, but everything is finally explained before the end of this highly entertaining and unusual film, which you?ll want to watch and re-watch to try and see things you missed before.

All the songs are tuneful, with good lyrics, some with romance, and some with comedy as well.

Five stars.

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