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Nanna Preetiya Hudugi - 2000 DVD $14.99

Nanna Preetiya Hudugi - 2000 DVD
Movie : Nanna Preethiya Hudagi
Cast : Deepali (California), Dhyan, Suresh Hublikar
Year : 2000
Music : Mano Murthy (California)
Lyrics : Nagathihalli Chandrashekar,Shashikala Chandrashekar
Direction : Nagathihalli Chandrashekar

English Subtitles - NTSC - All Regions - DVD 9
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Douglas DB
Wednesday 13 February, 2013
Nanna Preetiya Hudugi - ?The girl I love?

Starring: Intro. Deepali (California), Intro. Dhyan, Suresh Hublikar, Chitra Shenoy, Vijayalkshmi Singh,
Richard Luis, Anurithi, Dr. K.A. Ashok Pai, Anjaneya, Raju, G.C. Pute Gowda, Rajashekhar Rao
Director: Nagathihalli Chandrashekar
Music Dir: Mano Murthy (California)
Lyricist: Nagathihalli Chandrashekar, Shashikala Chandrashekar
Singers: Anuradha, Ramprasad, Hariharan, Rajesh, Anuradha Paudwal, Suresh Peters, Saneetha Katti, Nandita,
B. Jaya shree
Distributor: Sri Ganesh
Genre: Teenage Romance


Putti (Dhyan) is a young mischievous but loveable lad, at school, living in Basarkatte in the Kundapura Taluk of the Udupi district of Karnataka. He is an expert flute player. One day, as a prank, Putti and his school-chums go off on the new postman?s bicycle, but unfortunately the front wheel gets bent, when they bring it back. He and his mother and father have lived with his father?s sister and her husband, since they came for the sister?s marriage. The sister has a daughter, Gauri, whom she wants Pittu to marry, but he refuses: the two of them are forever fighting. Putti adores his mother. One day he finds he has been selected for an Indian Cultural Exchange programme, sponsored by a lady called Susan ? to go to America for one year. His mother wants desperately that he should not go, for she fears he will never return, but he tries to reassure her that he will come back. He arrives in America, and everything is very strange and new to him. At school, he meets a fifteen year old girl, called Chinnu (Deepali), who also speaks Kannada.. One day she is to give a dance display in an Indian Cultural Festival, and she finds the music cassette she was to use is damaged and won?t play. Everyone starts to jeer ? so he sings and dances with her, a folk song, ?It?s a pleasure to watch the westerly Kunigal lake when the moon rises.? The two of them become inseparable, much to the gradually increasing disapproval of her wealthy parents, who do all in their power to separate the two young lovers, Chinnu celebrates her sixteenth birthday in the film. Will the young lovers unite, or will their story end in tragedy? Watch the film to find out.

1. Adekey Koti Mooti
2. Mudal Kunigal Kere
3. Car Car Car
4. Yeru Neenu
5. Elliruvee

Released Year: 2000
Running Time: 157 minutes/Colour/Kannada


This film is a masterpiece of cinema. The two main stars Dyan (a model from Mumbai), who plays Putti, and Deepali (a Chamarajpet girl who lives in the US), who plays Chinnu are both excellent, in their first film roles. What ever happened to them? They deserved a bright future in Cinema, but I have not heard of them again. When the film was first screened in 2000, the audiences seem to have taken a liking to them. The supporting cast was good.

The story is of teenage romance. If you are the same age as they portrayed in the film, you will relate to them, and empathise with them. But if you are of their parent?s ages, you will empathise with Chinu?s parents, who think, not unreasonably, what do the youngsters know about love at fifteen. But theirs is a pure love, untrammelled by all the trappings of modern living. What is generally acknowledged to be the greatest love-story of all time is that of Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) ? and Juliet was supposed to be only thirteen years old in that masterful tragedy. It is often quoted in Indian films, along with Laila-Majnu, Heer-Raanjha, Sohni-Mahiwal and Sahiba-Mirza ? all great tragedies of Indian cinema. But wait a minute, I hear you say ? you have spoiled the story by telling the ending. Often people when halfway through a book, will skip to the last chapter, to find out what happens in the end (in the west, if not in India). Never before have I wanted so much to stop the DVD part of the way through, and skip to the last chapter. I didn?t, however, and my synopsis leaves out most of the story. Watch it and enjoy it.

The songs are great. ?Adekey Koti Mooti? is sung by Pittu and his mother, and expresses the love between mother and son. ?Mudal Kunigal Kere? is the folk-song to which they dance at the Festival. ?Car Car Car? shows Chinnu and Pittu celebrating the gift of a car to Chnnu by her parents. ?Yeru Neenu? (Who are You?) is a love song with Chinnu and Pittu, and ?Elliruvee? (Where are You?) is a song of reminiscences, in which they both remember lovely moments spent together, some of which we have already seen in the film, and some of which we have not seen.

5 stars

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