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Mr & Mrs Ramachari - 2014 DD 5.1 DVD

Mr & Mrs Ramachari - 2014 DD 5.1 DVD

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Date Added: Monday 07 March, 2016

by Douglas DB

Mr & Mrs Ramachari


This is rather an odd film. It is well acted, the cinematography is superb, lighting, camera angles, everything. The story is a familiar story. Poor boy, Ramachari (Yash) with no prospects falls in love with rich girl (Radhika Pandit), and she falls in love with him. Poor boy has an elder brother, Hari, on whom father lavishes all his love, and attention, and whom he has educated, while neglecting the younger son. Younger son appears to be a college drop-out, seldom going to college, and with no prospects. He appears to be a bit of a ruffian, on the side of what is right. He protects a college-girl, Divya (Radhika Pandit), and fights off numerous boys who are trying to rag her at college. He falls in love with her, and she reciprocates his love. However, they have frequent quarrels, because he is inattentive to her, tells lies, smokes and drinks alcohol to excess. Despite all the quarrels, he always protects her from trouble. Elder brother has studied to become an engineer. Father has arranged his marriage, but he disappears, leaving a note that he does not want the arranged marriage, and that he does not want to live with the family, and he will repay the money his father spent on his education. Father is sorry about the way he treated and neglected his younger son. Younger son says he will marry the girl of his father’s choice for his elder brother, to save his father’s honour. Divya is heartbroken and agrees to marry a girl of her mother’s choice. The girl younger son’s father has arranged for him to marry does not want to marry him, as she is in love with someone else. The two weddings are arranged on the same day at the same location, with the same wedding arranger (Sadhu Kokila), who mixes up the documents and thinks poor boy is marrying the girl of his choice, and not the girl his father has arranged for him to marry – providing a lot of comedy. At the end of the film, whoever, poor boy marries, he still has no prospects, and will not be able to support his father in old age –and his one redeeming feature is he will still be ready to protect the girl he – loves, or the girl he marries – watch the film to find out which! Is this a satisfactory ending to the story?

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

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