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Mayamruga - Tele Serial - 23 DVDs Set (T. N. Seetharam) $199.99

Mayamruga - Tele Serial - 23 DVDs Set (T. N. Seetharam)

Mayamruga also spelled Maya Mruga is a Kannada language teleserial directed by T. N. Seetharam jointly with P. Sheshadri and Nagendra Sha. It was first aired on DD Chandana in 1998 and it got re-aired on Zee Kannada on 10 March 2014

Maya Mruga Tele Serial (23 DVDs Set) - Includes all episodes as shown on TV.

Cast : H.G. Dattatreya, Lakshmi Chandrashekar, Avinash, Jayashree, Rekha, Natana Rajesh, Manju Bhashini, Malavika, SN Sethuram, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Vaishali Kasaravalli, M.D. Pallavi, T.N.Seetharam
Music : C. Ashwath
Story - Dialogues - Direction : T.N.Seetharam
Productions : Bhoomika Productions


Mayamruga is about the struggle of two middle class girls who are on their way to make society a better place for themselves and others. And balance their personal life too.

Malavika born in middle class family, dreams of an ideal society with equality and liberated women. Finds her ideal man in her own teacher Krishna Prasad and marries against the wishes of his parents. Being a woman rights activist, she accidentally comes in the way of business of her father-in-law. When her in-laws want to separate her from their son, what will Malavika do?

L.N.Shastry is living with his faithful wife Kamalamma and three obedient children, Srilakshmi, Shyama and Sharada. When Srilakshmi gets a modeling offer, Shastry refuses by saying it is not for the girls from respected families. One of Shastry's disciples, Raghu comes forward to marry Srilakshmi and chooses to become a sanyasi on the day of the engagement.

Due to the adamant nature of Shastry, all of his children leave home in search of their destinies; Shastry also depart with his wife after some altercations with his brother.

Will the families unite together?

With these curious developments, the serial captures the audience, winning the hearts of people.

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