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Mata - 2006 DVD $12.99

Mata - 2006 DVD
Movie : Mata
Year : 2006
Cast : Jaggesh, Sudarshan, Pari, Mandya Ramesh, Biradar, Asif, Sudheendra, Thabala Vani, Shashidhar Bhat, Sadhi Kokila, Doddanna, Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar, Girish Mattannavar, Vaishnavi, Manasa
Story, Sub story, Screenplay, Direction : Guruprasad
Music : V.Manohar, Udaya Ravi
Camera : Santosh Rai Pathaje
Banner : Company Films
Producer : Kanakapura Srinivas

DVD Info

DVD9-English Subtitles-Dolby Digital-All Regions-NTSC

Movie Review

Guruprasad you have lived up to the expectations in the debut direction. You are abundant in your contents. The flow of narration is unique and full marks the pick of right artistes and technicians. It is not only Jaggesh who walks away with top honors the other artistes have also given very good performance.
The irony, sarcastic element and dig at some of the developments the director has very intelligently covered in this bit lengthy film.

For the already existing theory - you groom the street dog in any way and bring to a top position it will leave its habits - director Guruprasad handles the same theory in a far convincing style and at last he shows the mentality of human beings. He throws in a pertinent message 'you earn your food'.
There are similarities to the present day developments in our society but the director takes a bail even before the star of the film.
The head of the 'Matha' vacates his position for family relations in his life and the Parupathegara (Commander) of the 'Mata' puts an advertisement in the newspaper for the right candidate to head the position of 'Mata'. He picks the applications with no influence. They are Jaggesh, Mandya Ramesh, Asif, Sudheendra Thabala Naani and Shashidar Bhat. All of them from the scratch in the life and they have not seen two square of meals a day. The commander of 'Mata' gives them the proper shelter and asks them to acquaint with all the qualities to head the 'Mata'. Initially the Jaggesh and team - all with variety of habits finds it tough to cope up. Later on it becomes inevitable for them to stay in the 'Mata'. The aspirations, hunger and stage at which the gang of youths succumb is explained beautifully by the director.
When the film reaches to the climax the director brings in the internal politics among the youths. Jaggesh as Venkatesha overshadow in his friends to occupy the pontiff position. But before the coronation he comes back to his friend gang. The earlier Swamy who left the position for worldly pleasures comes back to head the 'Mata'.
The beauty of this film 'Mata' is the fantastic selection of artistes. All of them have given the perfect timing required for this hilarious film with undercurrents.
The 100th of Jaggesh has come as a rewarding film for him. His dialogue delivery and expressions are in top gear. Each one of his company in the film evokes laughter. This gang of Jaggesh has given a laugh riot. Veteran Sudarshan is accurate in his role.
The songs are rightly adjusted between the scenes. Ashwath song is the highpoint of the film. The camera work is splendid.
What more you require to watch this film? It is worth your money..
Guruprasad you have given high hopes from this film. You are here to stay. You have the good command on the silver screen

Wht To Watch in this movie !!

The movie is hilarious and the screenplay is something never attempted in Indain movies. Clearly Guruprasad is an extraordinary talent.

Here are some rarities that are in the movie which hardly happen in mainstream Indian movies: 1. No "heroine"(whatever the f$#k that word means)
2. No lead actor as such. Jaggi's screen prescence is not dominant.
3. Upakathes ( though I found one of them a drag ). But full marks for the concept.
4. Satirical and funny commentry on the society. (Uppi also did this in his initial movies). E.g. funding for the maTa coming from a Christian agency abroad.
5. Lots of attention to detail. I could see that in one of the scenes the calender in the background was from "adike beLegaarara sangha - shivamogge" since the maTa is located in Shivamogge district.
6. No-nonsense comedy without caring a s%$t for the hypocritical "holier than thou" Indian culture. Its time Indian audience matures and accepts these attempts.

There were few women in the 80% full movie hall. Was it because it was a Jaggi movie? Come on these "great Indian women" will watch Saamaan Khan and other northi fags dancing half naked like dogs in heat but find Jaggi vulgur! I don't think there is any hope for India.

Other plus points:
1. Superb casting.
2. Lyrics of songs are good - the songs themselves are average.

After my second viewing here are some more comments:

1. Credits towards the end of the movie are shown in a very smart way. The movie appears in a window on the left half of the screen and the credits scroll on the right half.
2. This is probably the first Indian movie with decent and comprehensive credits. I noticed everyone that comes on screen in the movie was credited including the dog.
3. The director makes multiple appearances in the movie to project himself. Its understandable that he needs to do it in a f#%ked up industry where he may not have big clout. He needs to take care he does not overdo it and blow his trumpet too loud. In maTa though he does not screw up.
4. As usual average to horrible to absuletely NO lip sync. WTF?
5. The "American" nun in the movie does not look American. Her accent, both English and Kannada is atrocious. For a movie that looks really well researched in all other respects its a kind of shocker that they could not do a decent American accent. The tons of coolie call centers in BengaLuru must have been used atleast for this. Also she says she is from Las Vegas. A nun from Vegas !!?? Either its supposed to be sarcastic or not well written.
6. The dialogues in the movie need a second mention. Guruprasad, NaaNi and Manjunath Mandovya have written one of the most densly packed funny movie as far as I know. Even after a second viewing I missed 2 jokes. I had taken a Tamil speaking friend on my first visit and I could not translate the jokes for him as they were just coming on and on.
7. Towards the end of the movie when the nun rescues the maTa from financial trouble we hear ("Come back as Jesus, Come back and Save the world") line from a pop song. Dark commentry on the state of religioius affairs in India.

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Divya Jain
Sunday 03 February, 2008
Must Watch, Ignore at your own risk. 100th movie from the comedy king jaggesh.. Guruprasad has showed that he is an promising director in his first direction itself.

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