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Kotigobba - 2001 DVD $14.99

Kotigobba - 2001 DVD
Movie : Kotigobba (Man in Million)
Cast : Vishnuvardhan, Priyanka, Ramesh Bhat, Devaraj,Abhijith, Ashish Vidyarthi, Gurudutt
Year : 2001
Music : Deva
Lyrics : K. Kalyan
Direction : Naganna
Producers : M B Babu, Kamalakar & Jagdish


The story revolves around Nanjunda (VishnuVardhan) an auto driver in a family of two sisters, mother and a brother (Abhijith). Nanjunda is known for his Peace loving nature and he doesnt get involved in any fights. Things take a turn, when his sister is about to be molested by a local rowdy. The silent Nanjunda pounces like a lion on the gang and beats the hell out of them. He hits them with such venom and power that all the members of the rowdy gang are admitted to the hopital. This incident makes his brother, a police inspector as to wonder how his cowardly brother suddenly roars and fights like a lion.

The second half of the film is brisk paced and moves in to a flash back that shows the other side of Nanjunda. Nanjunda is a big name in the underworld by the name of Jayasimha in Mumbai. He lives to help the poor and protect them from the other underworld gangs operating there.In order to avenge his friend's (Devaraj) death, he eliminates the members of Antony(Ashish Vidyarthi) gang. This inturn leads to Antony craving for Jaysimha's blood. From then on, the story is how Jayasimha starts eliminating the name of Antony in underworld. During one of the encounters with Jayasimha, Antony kills Jayasimha's father and in the mix up looses his entire family. He is also arrested by the police. During the last moments of his life, Jayasimha's father (Rajesh) orders him to stop violence and leave Mumbai for ever to lead a new peacefull life. This completes the flashback.

Nanjunda's life is in trouble with the escape of Antony from prison. Antony vows to eliminate Nanjunda ailas Jayasimha. The climax is about how Nanjunda emerges victorious and marries his lover(Priyanka).

A tremendous effort from Babu, Naganna and his team.This movie is a tribute to Vishnu fans all over and he truly proves his title of Sahasa Simha with this movie. Vishnu Excels in this movie and an intresting aspect is that he has not tried to imitate Rajnikanth though its a remake of his movie Baasha.
Also, the lyrics from kalyan is a boost to vishnu's image.The song Annaya thammya and Kaverige Kalungara is very melodious and brings fans down to their knees in appreciation. A well made film from Naganna for the entire family.Vishnu?s emoting capacity and action deserves rain of applause. Priyanka looks cool.Ashish Vidyarthi and Dynamic Devaraj have rendered good support.


The highlight of the movie is the splendid graphics used in the movie to live up to Vishnu's image. The first graphic where fireworks burst out of Vishnu's heart and turn in to a map of Karnataka is tremendous. Also, the second one in which a lion emerges out of a fire ball and then turns in to Vishnuvardhan is simply awesome. It is a treat for any Vishnu's fan's eyes.

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English Subtitles-NTSC-All Regions-Color-Dolby Digital
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