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Just Maath Maathalli - 2010 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Just Maath Maathalli - 2010 DD 5.1 DVD

Just Maath Maathalli is a beautiful love story directed by Sudeep. It is a must watch movie and Don't miss it

Movie : Just Maath Maathalli
Year : 2010
Cast : Sudeep, Ramya, Rajesh, Kirthi Gowda, Padmaja Rao, Avinash, Arun Sagar
Music : Ragh Dixit
Direction : Sudeep
Producer : Shankare Gowda
Censor Certificate : U
Release Date : 05 Feb 2010
Genre : Romance


'Just Maath Maathnalli' is centred around singer Sidhdharth, who meets Tanu in bizarre circumstances. Tanu is full of life while Sidhdharth is buried in his past. Circumstances lead them to spend two days together on a railway platform and then later move to Tanu's house.

Tanu proposes to him, but Sidhdharth is not really interested. He separates from her but later realises that he made a mistake. Realising Tanu's true love for him, he wants to go to Singapore to meet her and convey his feelings for her.

He meets a businessman-cum script writer Adi and tell him his story and goes ahead to Singapore, where yet another twist awaits the viewers. Watch the movie to see the twist and the beautifull climax

Ragh Dixit's music is another hero of the movie, especially the background score is excellent.

DVD Features:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced (16:9) DVD
  • English Subtitles
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • DVD Text
  • Jacket Picture
  • NTSC - All Regions
  • Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access

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Douglas DB
Tuesday 25 September, 2012

Siddharth (Sudeep), a singer in a rock band, leaves for Singapore from Bangalore. On the flight he meets Adi (Rajesh), a scriptwriter, who at once takes a liking to Siddharth and asks him why he is going to Singapore. Siddharth tells him that he was going to find the girl, Tanu (Ramya) whom he liked. Adi, being a scriptwriter, gets interested at once and asks Siddharth to narrate the story as to why he was going to find her now. Siddharth agrees and starts narrating his experience which forms the greater part of the first half of the movie.
Tanu?s Story ? Siddharth, standing at the precipice of a suicide point is looking at the ground below when Tanu (Ramya), a stranger to Siddharth at that point pulls him back thinking that he was going to commit suicide and gives him a good scolding without even allowing him to talk. Siddharth then goes away and sits beside a lake where again Tanu sees him and again thinks that he is going to commit suicide by jumping into the water and again gives him a good scolding and goes away. He then goes to a roadside tea stall and gets a glass of coffee and puts a sugar-free cube into the glass. Tanu sees him from a distance and thinks that he is putting poison into his glass and rushes to him and knocks off the glass from his hand before he takes his first sip. Siddharth, fed up with her misunderstanding him, scolds her telling that he was just trying to see the depth of the fall at the suicide point, and since it was hot, he was trying to splash some water to his face at the lake and that he was putting sugar-free cubes into his glass and clears the air and tells her that he was not going to commit suicide and walks away.
At the railway station, Siddharth waiting for his train, sees Tanu running into the station trying to catch her train which is leaving the station. She misses the train and sits on the bench next to the one Siddharth is sitting. She asks the station master for directions to the toilet. She has to cross the platform to the other side to reach the toilet so she takes the skywalk. When she goes up the skywalk, Siddharth sees the beggar who was sitting nearby, gone. He goes up the skywalk to see the beggar trying to steal the gold bangle from Tanu?s arm. He shouts at the beggar and Tanu finds the distraction enough and kicks the beggar on the groin and runs towards Siddharth. They both go and sit on one bench. They introduce themselves to each other. Siddharth tells Tanu to give the bangle to him for safekeeping to which she agrees. He tucks the bangle into his backpack.
Suddenly, Tanu sees the beggar coming towards them with four other people. She warns Siddharth. They both run away. They hide in a dark shed where there are oxen. One guy enters the shed and gets kicked by an ox. The others think that Siddharth hit their partner and get scared and run away.
The next morning Tanu leaves in another train. After she leaves, Siddharth realises that she had forgotten her bangle. He gets her address from a telephone booth where she had earlier called her home from. He sets out to her hometown to return the bangle. He meets her and gives the bangle to her. She insists that he stay with her family for a few days. He agrees and she introduces him to her family members.
Tanu falls in love with Siddaharth, and even he starts liking her. On the day when he was supposed to leave, Tanu proposes to him but, to her disbelief, he rejects her proposal. He then leaves for Bangalore.
In the flight, Adi is shocked and asks Siddharth why he had rejected her proposal.

The rest of the film explains why, and shows whether Siddharth is successful in his search.

This section contains spoilers

Siddharth narrates another incident which made him not to get emotionally involved with girls.
Three years previously, Divya (Keerthi Gowda), a huge fan of Siddharth, proposed to him. He thought that she wasn?t serious, and he accepted it just for the sake of hanging out with her. But, she actually loved Siddharth and she took the relationship very seriously. When they were in a mall with Siddharth?s band partners, he got a work related call. He told Divya to go home as he had some work to do. Divya insisted on going with him. She told him that since she is his girlfriend she should know about his work. Siddharth gets to know that she had taken the relationship very seriously, and scolds her telling that he didn?t mean to get into a real relationship with her. He leaves her and goes away. She is shocked by his rejection, and commits suicide that night. Siddharth gets to know that it was because of his scolding that she committed suicide. From then on, he doesn?t get involved with girls.
Tanu?s story ? Siddharth narrates his experience with Tanu to his friend who advises him not to leave her as he liked her. He goes back to her house to find that she has left for Singapore. That is when he leaves for Singapore and meets Adi on the plane. When they reach Singapore, Adi invites him to live in his house. Siddharth then sets out to find Tanu. Adi invites Siddharth to his wedding. When Siddharth reaches there, he is shocked to see that the bride is Tanu. Without informing Adi, he leaves the marriage hall and goes to the airport. On the way, he calls Adi, and tells him that he has found Tanu, and he requests Adi to not disclose the incident which he narrated to him. Adi agrees. Then the credits start rolling.

1. Just Maath Maatalli
2. Yello Jinugiruva
3. Marubhoomiyalli
4. Ee Kanninalli
5. Munjaane Manjalli
6. Baanina Haniyu
7. Baanullu neeni

Released Year: 2010
Running Time: 134 minutes/Colour/Kannada
The movie is shot extensively in Sakleshpur and Singapore.


This is one of my favourite Kannada films, a film I have watched several times and shown to some of my friends. The three principal characters, Sudeep, Rajesh and Ramya are excellent in their roles. Sudeep plays a celebrity who is travelling and is quizzed by an inquisitive script-writer, wanting to know his story. I wonder how many celebrities, who are trying to travel incognito, are troubled and annoyed by inquisitive fellow passengers, wanting to ask them all sorts of trivial things about their lives. However, in this film Siddharth (Sudeep) is very patient with Adi (Rajesh), who asks the questions in such a genial way that the celebrity could not really take offence - and Adi says he will try to help Siddharth find Tanu (Ramya). Tanu changes from being angry with Siddharth (she does indignation very well in this film!) to falling in love. The two men are perfect in their roles, Sudeep becomes the character he plays, and is not type-cast like so many actors. It is a strange story that he narrates, his encounters with Tanu, and one wonders why things turned out the way they did between them, something which Siddharth is trying to rectify, and which he will explain to Adi.

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