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Brahma - 2014 DD 5.1 DVD $14.99

Brahma - 2014 DD 5.1 DVD

Movie : Brahma
Year : 2014
Banner : Mylari Enterprises
Cast : Upendra, Praneetha, Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Nazar
Music : Gurukiran
Lyrics : Kaviraj, Gurukiran, Nagendra Prasad
Direction : R Chandru
Producer : P V Manjunath Babu
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 149 min
Release Date : 07-Feb-2014

DVD Features:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced (16:9) DVD
  • High Definition Video
  • English Subtitles
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • DVD Text
  • Jacket Picture
  • NTSC - All Regions
  • Interactive Menus of Songs & Scenes for Easy Access


Brahma (Upendra) is one man who commands a lot of respect and fear at the same time. He believes in looting the corrupt and crooked criminals, take their money and use it for good. In this process, he also attacks the international mafia and gets them to justice or leads them to a path of good. This enrages the wife of an international don and she comes to the village where Brahma is staying to kill him. Whether she is successful or not forms the rest.

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Douglas DB
Friday 13 February, 2015
Brahma “The Leader”

Starring: Upendra, Pranitha Subhash, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Sonu Sood, Ananth Nag, Urvashi, Nassar,
Shayaji Shinde, Rahul Dev, Girish Karnad, Sumithra, Bullet Prakash, Suchendra Prasad, John Kokkin,
Padmaja Rao, Suresh Mangaluru
Director: R. Chandru
Producer: Manjunath Babu
Music Dir: Gurukiran
Lyricist: Kaviraj
Singers: Shweta Mohan, Nakash Aziz, Chaitra H.G., Ranjith, Gurukiran
Distributor: Aananda
Genre: Action Historical Drama

Simultaneously made in Kannada and Telugu and subsequently dubbed into Tamil

A mysterious stranger, a glamorous girl in sunglasses arrives at Bangalore Airport. She asks a Taxi Driver (Bullet Prakash) to take her to Brahma. He flirts with her, which annoys her, and she tells him she has a gun. He jokes that she is the gun and he is the bullet (his real name as an actor!). He takes her to the Brahma temple. But she tells him that she wants to meet “Leader Brahma” (Upendra), to kill him. The Taxi Driver then tells her about him, saying that he is a good man. He starts his narrative by telling her about the feuding and killing in Brahma’s family, dating from 1970, the time he was born. We come back at times to this taxi-driver’s narrative, during the film.
We see Brahma first of all attacking and killing a large group of men in Kuala Lumpur. Then we see Brahma in Karnataka, where he barges into the home of a crooked accountant, demands a lists of his clients, and then proceeds to confiscate the black money of some of these clients.
The Police Commissioner (Avinash) appoints Bhairav Singh (Shayaji Shinde), Assistant Commisioner of Police to catch this notorious criminal, who apparently adopts different disguises. Our heroine, Madhuri (Pranitha Subhash) comes to see ACP Bhairav Singh, and tells him that he is a good man. She saw him in Kuala Lumpur helping a beggar: Brahma called a firm, “just-dial malaysia”, a van arrived, and set up a flower-stall for the beggar – Brahma tells him he is no longer a beggar, but he is now in business. He helped a Priest to “see” God, and met the priest’s wife and his daughter, the heroine of the film, who had fallen in love with him, and is now with ACP Bhairav Singh. He had rejected her love, and had returned to India – and she had come back to look for him. The ACP’s next visitor is a man in tatters, (Rangayana Raghu), who tells the ACP that he used to be known as “Lucky Brahma”, because he kept winning, and gaining money and possessions. In a comedy routine, he tells how Brahma had ruined him, and rendered him destitute.
Why did Brahma reject the heroine? We find that he is descended from a sixteenth century warrior, but who is he? Why does someone who is capable of kindness become a notorious gangster, looting black money, and killing people? Will the Police be successful in catching him? What will be his fate? Who is the mysterious stranger in the taxi? Why does she want to kill Brahma? Will she be successful in doing this? Watch the film to find out.

1. Tunta Tunta
2. Brahma
3. Tingu Tingu
4. Pesallagi Order Kotte

Released Year: 2014
Running Time: ? 149 minutes/Colour/Kannada

“Brahma” is a lavish movie which is has been made simultaneously in Kannada and Telugu, with locations which include Malaysia, Bangalore, Mysore; and Rajasthan for the ancient war scenes.

The script is very ingenious, because the film starts after the end of the film! The nearest description for the taxi-ride would be an epilogue (derived from Ancient Greek) – but by the time the narrative in the taxi has started, one could say that the action of the film has already ended. So as I said, the film starts after the end of the film!
The narrative of the taxi driver tells us of the life of Brahma, from his ancestry and birth to the present. The story jumps about from the taxi driver’s narrative to things the taxi driver could not possibly know. We see Brahma as three different characters, as described by Madhuri (Pranitha Subhash), as a kind and loving person, with whom she falls in love. We see him described as a robber by “Lucky Brahma” (Rangayana Raghu). We see him for ourselves as a robber, when he loots black money. We see him for ourselves as a killer. But what we are seeing is three facets of one person. If he is kind and loving, how can he be a thief and a murderer? Why does he steal so much money? Why does he kill some people? All these questions are answered in this film.

I think it is the best acting I have seen by Upendra, in all the films of his I have seen. I think it is because he is able to show his talent in three different facets of the one character. Pranitha Subhash, I found very convincing throughout the film as the heroine, Madhuhi, whose name I could only find used once in the film. Did you spot it? Avinash and Shayaji Shinde are just right in their roles. Then we have Bullet Prakash and the unaccredited role of the “Mysterious Stranger”, both also excellent. Rangayana Raghu, as usual is good, as always in his comedy role, though I did find that section (21 minutes) a little too long, when I watched the film the second time.

They are very tuneful, particularly the three love-songs. Choreography and picturisation is excellent.
1. “Tunta Tunta” is a love song with the two in Kuala Lumpur - the heroine sings of her love for Brahma
2. “Brahma tells” of Brahma as a gangster
3. “Tingu Tingu” is a love song in lavish indoor set with many dancers
4. “Pesallagi Order Kotte” is a love song outdoors with many dancers

5 stars

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