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Aeno Onthara - 2010 DD 5.1 DVD

Aeno Onthara - 2010 DD 5.1 DVD

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Date Added: Friday 22 March, 2013

by Douglas DB

Aenoo Onthara Kannada

Starring: Golden Star Ganesh, Priyamani, Shrinivas Murthy, Jai Jagdish, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Padma Vasanthi,
Director: Mussanje Mahesh
Producer: M Chandrasekhar
Music Dir: V Harikrishna
Lyricist: Yogaraj Bhatt, Jayanth Kaykini, Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad, Kaviraj
Distributor: Aananda
Genre: Romance, Action


The story begins when Surya (Ganesh) and Madhumathi (Priyamani) are born in different states of India, he in Delhi, and she in Karnataka. By chance, when they are babies, both their parents take them to the same shop somewhere in India, where they are side by side. They briefly hold each others? hands till their parents leave and pull them apart. Madhumati returns home after doing a B.Sc. degree, and tells her father that she wants to pursue higher studies, and do an M.Sc., but her father wants her to get married. At first she is angry with him, but then decides to marry according to her father?s wishes. On the night of the wedding her groom is not there, he has eloped with his lover, but he has left Madhumati a letter, saying that he had already been in love, and that the girl he loved had threatened to commit suicide if he left her. He asks Madhumati to forgive him for leaving her, in order to save the life of another human-being. Seeing Madhumati depressed and disappointed, her father decides to let her study further. He is very angry when he finds out that she is a blood donor.
Surya (Ganesh) lives in a big city and has been accepted to go to a college in Canada. On the way to the airport, he is in an accident. He requires a blood transfusion, and by chance, it is Madhumati?s blood he receives. He has to give up his dream of studying abroad, and he enrols in a college in Mysore. By chance, Madhumathi enrols in the same college, Reva College. They meet each other casually. Their Dance Master (Sharan), a comedy character, introduces himself. They do a dance routine together.
Then they meet again when Surya?s friend Prasad, who is in love with a girl named Shanti, asks Surya to give Shanti a love letter. Surya goes to Shanti?s house, which is guarded. Surya sees Madhumati come out of Anita?s house, so he gets out of his car, goes over to her, and gives her the love letter. She is outraged that he should write her a love-letter after one chance meeting, and rants and raves at him. Finally, when he is able to get a word in, and he explains the situation to Madhumati, who is very apologetic. So Surya and Madhumati work together to help to get Prasad and Shanti united. Gradually, they begin to fall in love with each other, without realising it, and without telling each other of their feelings. But this was the first misunderstanding of several, when Madhumati rants and raves at Ganesh, before she knows the full circumstances. Eventually they have a very heated argument and this really hurts both of them especially Madhumati. They try avoiding each other but can?t because their friends need them to meet their lovers. Then they decide to forget about what happened, and Madhumati tries to get into Anita?s house, with the help of Surya, but they are caught and Anita?s father, Neeja Guna, an underworld don, sends his thugs to ambush Madhumati and Surya, and to kill Surya. While fighting his thugs, Surya is almost attacked with a knife, but Madhumati steps in to save him. Her hands are bleeding and she is taken to the hospital. Madhumati gets better. But then they find out that Anita is being forced into a marriage. However, Surya has a plan to get them married. Will he be successful? And will he and Madhumati, who continue to quarrel, be united?

1. Boom boom pa
2. Gandu makkalu
3. Anthara heegeke
4. Dilkush
5. Inthe ninna preethiya

Released Year: 2010
Running Time: 150 minutes/Colour/Kannada


This film was a remake of the 2000 Tamil blockbuster film ?Kushi?, starring Vijay and Jyothika, made ten years previously. I have not watched the Tamil version, as it is not subtitled.

?Golden Star? Ganesh is well known to Kannada audiences, both as an actor and as a producer. Priyamani was born in Kerala, and grew up in Bangalore. I have enjoyed her performances in many Telugu films. She is an actress who seems to manage to be a different character in each of her roles ? she is not type-cast. She played a dual role in the 2012 Malayalam film ?Grandmaster? as a girl of her age, and as that same girl when much older. She has acted in several Kannada films.

The film has two stories running parallel throughout the film. First of all, there is the friendship of Surya and Madhumati, who gradually come closer together in friendship. They quarrel when Madhumati jumps to the wrong conclusions, without giving Surya a chance to explain. Then she is very apologetic. However, they gradually fall in love with each other, without even realising it, and without being able to tell each other. The very first Indian film (Andaaz, 2003, Hindi) which I saw had the theme ?If you love somebody, tell them before it is too late?. This is a common theme in Indian films, young folk who are unable to express their love.

The second story is that of the love between Prasad and Shanti. Shanti?s father, an underworld don, tries to force his daughter into an arranged marriage is, and to kill Surya for his part in trying to unite Shanti with Prasad. This is a common theme in Indian films, the battle between arranged and love-marriages.

What makes this film, with two familiar story-lines, so unusual, is that the two story-lines run parallel throughout the film, and the success of each of the two relationships depends on the success of the other. It?s a film to watch and to re-watch.

The songs are good. ?Boom boom pa? is a love song, with Surya singing about the letters of the alphabet, with a big group of dancers, set in Delhi. ?Gandu makkalu? is the song and dance routine Surya and Madhumati do for their college display. ?Dilkush? and ?Inthe ninna preethiya? are delightful love-songs. My favourite was ?Dilkush? which I played several times when I was watching the film.

4 stars

Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]

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