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Jogi - 2005 DVD $7.99

Jogi - 2005 DVD
Movie : Jogi
Year : 2005
Cast : Shivarajkumar, Jennifer Kotwal, Arundathi Nag, Ramesh Bhat
Lyrics : Prem
Music : Gurukiran
Director : Prem
Banner : Ashwini Productions
Producer : P Kirshnaprasad, P Ramprasad

Now Available with Improved Video Quality & English Subtitles

Review : The film is basically narrated in a non-linear fashion, with the use of multiple flashbacks. In the opening scene, a dreaded underworld don is brutally hacked to death by an unknown assailant. The police arrive at the crime scene and arrest the murderer. The murder is revealed to be the handiwork of a novice, Madesha alias Jogi. (Shivarajkumar), who works in a roadside tea stall.

In the meantime, the news about the murder reaches the echelons of the underworld. A rival gang of the slain don bails out Madesha from the lock-up and requests him to be their leader. Madesha rejects their offer and goes back to his tea stall. An inquisitive trainee journalist (Jennifer Kotwal) is eager to know about Madesha and requests an appointment from him. Despite trailing Madesha for several days, she is unable to interview him. Subsequently, the reporter meets an old woman (Arundathi Nag) from a remote village, who has come in search of her lost son. After listening to her story, the reporter assures the woman that she will track out her son.

In the flashback, it is revealed that the old lady's son is none other than Madesha. Madesha originally hailed from a village called as Singanallur and lived with his father and mother. His father (Ramesh Bhat) earned his living as a Jogi - a wandering minstrel, who went from one household to another and collected alms. Due to the strenuous workload, he falls ill and dies. Enticed by his childhood friend, who flaunts his success, Madesha decides to try his luck in the city. However, in the city, he gets tangled with anti-social elements and ends up in jail. His anxious mother comes to the city in search of him.

Trivia : 1. The movie grossed Rs.35 crore in the box office and is considered as one of the most successful movies in Kannada.
2. The film generated tremendous hype, partly due to Shivrajkumar's peculiar hairdo, music and success of director Prem's previous ventures (Kariya and Excuse Me)
3. The soundtrack of the movie sold around 2,50,000 copies.
4. The dialogues between Shivarajkumar and Arundathi Nag were spoken in Kollegala Kannada.
5. The song "Bin ladenu" featured model Yana Gupta for the first time in a Kannada movie.

DVD Info

DVD9-All Regions-NTSC-English Subtitles
Shivrajkumar Jogi - 2005 DVD With English Subtitles
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